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PORT 100

A Coworking Community

In Geneva, New York

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Port 100 is a collaborative, supportive, and dynamic coworking community comprised of diverse businesses and individuals.

What Is Coworking?

In a nut shell, it’s a shared space for entrepreneurs and freelancers to share ideas and collaborate!

This coworking community will facilitate idea-sharing, creative thinking, and open communication.

What Are The Benefits?

Port 100 gives people a progressive, collaborative, alternative place to do business.

Through positive leadership and a stable internal structure, Port 100 aims to be a model for innovative regional business growth.

Port 100 is a coworking community in Geneva, New York focused on being a place for it’s members to grow personally and in business.

Coworking spaces are places for entrepreneurs, freelancers and remote workers to have an affordable professional environment, separate from a home office or coffee shop – that allows them to interact with others.

The purpose of a coworking space is to provide a community where members support one another and form partnerships that encourage one another to grow and succeed.